New York State

Wyoming County Disaster Declaration Sought
Remember the tornadoes and storms here in Western New York? Certainly this past summer's storms were not the caliber that we have seen in Texas. However, the damage that occurred after the rain and winds in our area will take considerable money for repairs.
New State Law May Kill Bingo
It may have caught some people off guard when they found out that a new state law prevents minors from playing bingo.  The law went into effect on July 9th as part of the state's 2017-18 budget.  The state gaming commission sure makes it sound like something wonderful, calling it modernizing state l…
Governor Cuomo Says All Of Our Property Taxes May Be Going Up
Governor Cuomo on Monday laid out a warning/threat that if the Senate passes health care reform that our property taxes will be going up across New York State, including here in Erie County.
If passed, there is a provision prevent the state from having counties pay for a share of Medicaid costs.…
Dale’s Visit to the ECIC Track & Field Championships
A few weeks ago I received a letter from someone identifying themselves as the parent of an athlete on the Hamburg High School track and field team.  The letter writer went on to say that they often hear me talk about high school football on the radio and wanted to introduce me to high school track …

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