NFL Scandal

NFL Ups Their Offer To Displaced Superbowl Fans is reporting that the NFL has now upped it's offer to the 400 displaced Superbowl fans who had tickets but no actual seats. Obviously the fans recent lawsuit against the NFL is making the league rethink how they are going to fix this problem.
Do You Think Ben Is Bad For The Game?
 Seems to me that in the past couple of years, we have been hearing more and more stories of NFL players doing bad things: killing dogs, sending naked phots of themselves on their phones (to women they're not married to),  DUI's, selling drugs, etc. I am sure most of the players in the league are go…
Another Scandal With Brett
Since November, I have been keeping you up to date with the Brett Favre/Jenn Stenger scandal.  Now here comes another scandal with Brett Favre. Are these things just coincidences, or does this guy have a dark side that we don't know about...
Brett Dodges A Bullet
The NFL just made their ruling in the Brett Favre scandal.  Brett is going to have to shell out 50 thousand dollars, but all in all, he got off pretty easy.  No suspension, just cough up some green.  Read more at: 
Brett Favre Scandal Continues
The NFL is continuing to step up its investigation of Brett Favre.  Jenn Stenger is ready to talk.  Probably more interesting than watching the Buffalo Bills.
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