Doug Marrone Resigns As Buffalo Bills Coach
I hate quitters.  When the going got tough, Doug Marrone quit as head coach of the Buffalo Bills.  For a guy who criticized players for not putting the team first, here's a guy who put himself first and walked away from a job he started and left undone.  He walked away from his p…
Buffalo Bills No More Campaign Gone Too Far?
The YouTube description says:
With a playoff drought of 15 years, Bills Fans from all walks of life—entertainers, athletes, government officials and advocates—the BUFFALO BILLS NO MORE Campaign offers a simple call to action:
But, the video is a mock of a commercial you may have seen on TV…
Ugly Loss Knocks The Buffalo Bills Out Of The Playoff Hunt
It's hard to explain how a team can beat one of the best teams in the league one week and then lose to one of the worst in the league a week later - a game they absolutely had to win.  That's exactly the story of the Buffalo Bills after a 26-24 loss to the Oakland Raiders after knocki…

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