5 Missing Dogs in WNY—Check Out These Pics!
I live in Depew and have found a couple of stray dogs in my day and without Facebook, I'm not sure that I would have found the owners of the missing dogs. It's a horrible feeling when you lose your pet, but social media is an excellent tool to help find missing dogs...
Brett Alan Tries Out A Shock Collar
Caring for pets is an important job.  It's something that I don't take lightly.  As you know, we got a new puppy last year and training him has proven to be a chore.  Will our new method work?
Brett’s Dog Frankie’s Favorite Toy
We have been through tons of toys with our puppy Frankie.  He's just barely a year old now.  So he tears stuff up.  Stuffed animal toys barely last 10 minutes with him.  Strong rubber toys last, but they don't give him much exercise.  This is the best toy I've…
Cat Saves Family From House Fire By Biting Owner
This is a story that as a cat owner I can actually believe! A family in Alberta, Canada is now safe because their cat noticed flames in the house and went into its owner's bedroom and bit the owner on the arm until she woke up. Once the woman finally woke up and realized wha…

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