Snowman Scare Prank [VIDEO]
I'm a self described kid at heart.  Maybe that's why I love prank videos.  They crack me up.  When they are focused on the holidays it makes it even better.  Check out this prank of a person dressed in a snowman costume.
Jimmy Kimmel’s iPhone 5 Prank… [VIDEO]
Are you one of the iPhone junkies chompin at the bit to get your hands on the new #5.  If you are, I kind of feel bad for you. You are being robbed blind and you don't even know it.  In saying that, you should check out this lil experiment that the crew at Jimmy Kimmel's show tri…
Justin Moore Pranks Radio Station Employees [VIDEO]
I love to see artists have fun like this.  They constantly have to do radio interviews and deal with stupid questions from annoying radio DJs.  So check out Justin's reaction when he gets called a "purse cowboy" by KSON's John & Tammy.

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