Ryan Miller

Miller Vs. Briere [Video]
I was broken hearted the day that I heard that Danny Briere was leaving the Buffalo Sabres.  He's now in Philadelphia and that alone is making this series worth every minute to watch.  Its strange to think that Ryan Miller and Daniel Briere who were friends for years would suddenly have to become op…
NHL Honors For Ryan Miller
Congratulations to Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller.  On Monday he was named the NHL's First Star - basically player of the week.  Miller played in three games last week and won all three, two of them by shut-out.  Miller started with a 2-0 win at Montreal last Tuesday, then won bac…
Playoff Push Time For The Sabres
This is the time of the year that Sabres fans get anxious, this season hasn't been an easy one for the Sabres, they have not been a "shoe-in" for the playoffs but of late the Sabres have been HOT!