Dolphins Protect Swimmer From Shark
A British open-water swimmer is alive and well thanks to a group of dolphins who protected him from a Great White shark. Adam Walker was swimming off New Zealand when he spotted the shark just below him. But a few minutes later 10 dolphins swam up and surrounded him until the shark left.
17 Animals Excited for ‘Shark Week’
Shark Week is here! Shark Week is here! We can finally stop living like it's Shark Week, because it's actually Shark Week! We're not the only one's who are excited by the prospect -- these animals also seem pretty geared up. (We're going to pretend the costumes were their id…
Trophy Fish Torn Apart By 2 Bull Sharks [VIDEO]
I have been getting excited because I'm going on my first deep sea fishing excursion ever in a couple weeks. We will be fishing off the coast of the Outer Banks in North Carolina.
I've joked that as long as I don't fall off the boat, it'll be the best trip ever, but here's an…