BUFFALO–Here’s When Snow Is Coming
Last week it was almost 80 degrees when the Buffalo Bills played at New Era Field. A week later it's 44 out and we're talking snow now. Only in Buffalo...
Monday will be pretty windy in Buffalo at times and according to WGRZ, we could be getting the first sighting of snow as well,
Low temper…
WATCH: WNY’s Snow Melt from 200 Miles Above
Last week, there were areas of Western New York that received as much as 6 inches on snow. Some forecasters say it was the last blast of cold and snow, at least for awhile in the Buffalo area. Since it is April the warmer air and stronger sun melted the snow pretty quick.
Buffalo Rebounded Big Time After Major Storm
We made national news last night.  Once again it was for our weather, and it wasn’t really pretty.  They talked about how many inches of snow we got.  They talked about how many hours many of us were stuck in our cars after roadways had to be shut down.  There was…

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