Look How Much Snow Fell Around WNY!
The snow is officially here!
Lake effect snow found its way to Western New York for the first measurable snowfall in most towns. Although the airport got less than an inch officially, here is how much fell according to our friends at WGRZ:
Holiday Valley Has Begun Making Snow To Get Ready For Opening Day
Holiday Valley has begun making snow! Western New York got hit with the first official snowfall of the year and as of Sunday at 1:00 PM, the skiing resort is all guns firing. According to their website,
Guns are running on Yodeler, the Candy Cane loop, Mardi Gras, School Haus, Cindy's, Sunr…
‘You Snow It’s Coming’ Official Game Board – Follow Along
The days have been filled and now the wait starts. If the first official inch of snow at the Buffalo Niagara Airport falls on your day, you win. Easy as that! The prize is awesome too and you'll get it just in time to use it!
This Ariens Deluxe 28 snowblower from Lakeshore Hardware and…
Genius Way for WNYers to Remove Snow From Your Roof [VIDEO]
I was watching one of my neighbors brushing snow off his roof yesterday using what looked like a pool brush. I was telling Clay this morning, and he said the next few days are "roof leaking weather" because of the warm temperatures during the day and freezing temperatures at night.…

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