star wars

What If Tim Allen Played Chewbacca? [VIDEO]
Home Wars? Improvement Wars? Star Improvement? Who plays the role Wilson? Watch this hilarious video where someone took Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor's famous grunts and dubbed them over Chewbacca's growls (is that what we call them?)
A Bad Lip Reading Takes On Star Wars [VIDEO]
You've seen them take on Twilight, The Walking Dead, and The NFL.  Now, in honor of the latest installment of the Star Wars Franchise, A Bad Lip Reading takes on...the entire Star Wars trilogy!  And this time they've brought some guest voices.  It's Jack Black, Bill Had…
WNY Man Legally Changes His Name To Darth Vader
He was Eric Welch one day...
....and Darth Vader the next. But, really.
Eric, a retired marine who owns a gym from Canandaigua didn't have great ties to his family name due to him living in and out of foster homes, so he decided he was going to legally change his name at the WNY DMV to Darth Vade…

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