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What Are Our Worst Bad Habits?
Although we hate to admit it, we all have them.  They're bad habits.  Earlier in the week, I polled our listeners on facebook and asked, "If you had to pick one, what would you say is your worst bad habit?"  Here are the top 5:
How Much Is Your Teen Texting?
In today's world, "texting" seems to be the most popular method of communicating for teens.  They do it in the morning before school, at the breakfast table, on the ride to school, in school, etc etc.. You see where I'm going!
Guess How Much You’re Shelling Out For Coffee Each Year!
It seems like every day there is another group releasing findings from yet another survey.  Today's pertains to Americans and how much they spend each year purchasing coffee.  The staffing services company Adecco SA did the research this time and found that the average American worker…
Celebrating Your Dog’s Birthday!
USA Today recently published a survey on how dog owners celebrate their dog's birthday.  The survey was given to 1,120 dog owners 18 years and older. Here is what they found.....