Buffalo Teenagers Take Lemonade Stand to New Levels
As you know WBLK had  "Lemonade Day" last month where we encouraged young people  to build their own lemonade stand and become entrepreneurs for a day! Well these two young men have decided to keep their stand going and are taking it to new heights...
JoAnn is Back With Some House Cleaning Tips [VIDEO]
Sometimes keeping a clean home can be very frustrating. If it were only my wife and me, our home would be spotless. The real problem for us is having two teenagers who never seem to put dirty dishes in the dishwasher, or put their dirty clothing in the hamper, or ever put things back where they foun…
Teenagers Know Everything Or So They Think! [VIDEO]
Wow! When I watched this YouTube video I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Bet if we asked them what Kim Kardashian was wearing today though they would all know that answer! People I present our future. Let me tell you it's looking really scary!