Think You Know 80’s TV Theme Songs? Take This Quiz [VIDEO]
TV theme songs used to be great!  We used to wait all week just to hear our favorite shows starting.  Now, with computers and on demand video, we can watch just about any show - any time.  But back then, we used to live to hear these songs.  Think you know them?  Take this q…
“The Voice” : Team Blake Highlights!! [VIDEOS]
If you were watching TV last night, you had a lot of programming to choose from.  Do you watch the American Country Awards?  Do you watch Monday Night Football or maybe "The Voice"??  Tough choices!  Blake Shelton and his team performed "White Christmas", but in this post we will…
Taylor Swift Takes the Stage on ‘Dancing With the Stars’
In the midst Tuesday's tense elimination round on 'Dancing With the Stars,' none other than Taylor Swift took the stage to ease the pressure at the end of the show. Wearing short black shorts, a white shirt with black polka-dots and -- you guessed it -- a red bowtie, Swift played her hit song 'We Ar…
Watch the Worst Game Show Answers in TV History
This is how people humiliated themselves on television before reality TV. This compilation takes the best of people's hilariously embarrassing wrong answers from game shows old and new and puts them all in one place. So you can spend 13 minutes shaking your head and chuckling nonstop...
Complete Failure At A Television Station [VIDEO]
One of the best things about live entertainment is that you never know what might happen next.  However, for the performers, live entertainment can quickly turn into a disaster.  Check out what happens when everything goes wrong at this television station.
Today Is The Worldwide Day of Play
I just want to take a second to tell Nickelodeon that today, they are doing a great job.  Today is the Worldwide Day of Play.  Its the ultimate celebration of living healthy, being active, and having fun!

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