Buffalo Bills Drop Toronto Home Game For This Year
Great news with word today that the Bills have suspended the series of game in Toronto, at least for this year. It means that all of the Bills home games will be at Ralph Wilson Stadium while the Bills use the time to evaluate the whole idea.
The Real Reason Toronto’s CN Tower Was Built
Anybody that’s ever gone to a Toronto Blue Jays game at the Rogers Center can’t help but be distracted by the CN Tower next to it. That’s of course assuming the roof of the Rogers Center is open.
Visible on a clear day or night from Lewiston on this sid…
A Country You Don’t Want To Drive In [VIDEO]
Over the years, I have driven in a lot of cities. My picks for the three most dangerous are: Los Angeles, Atlanta and Toronto. But, could there be worse places to drive?
Yes, Russia probably has the craziest and worst drivers in the world...
John La Mond Getting Ready For Rock Icons RUSH [VIDEO]
One week from Friday, I will be taking my seat inside the First Niagara Center in downtown Buffalo to see a band that I have been following for over 35 years: RUSH. Yes, I know they are not country, but this band was part of my personal musical soundtrack through my late teenage years and as I made …
Carrie Underwood’s Busy Day In Toronto! [VIDEO]
Carrie Underwood made a stop in Toronto on Sunday.  The 29 year old singer was in T.O.  to perform at the "Boots & Hearts Music Festival."  Underwood also tossed out the first pitch at the Toronto Blue Jays game.  Pretty cool day for her!!  Underwoo…
Buffalo Could Host Some Future Olympic Events
It’s hard not to watch Olympic coverage on TV. The summer and winter games come only every four years so a lot of people feel they’re missing a piece of history if they don’t tune in – at least I do.
Following the London Games, the Olympics moves…

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