The Correct Way To Carve Your Thanksgiving Turkey
We've all seen it happen.  The turkey is cooked perfectly.  The table is set with the fancy dishes and you're even going to use napkins today...real napkins with turkeys or capricorns printed on them!  Then the person that is designated to carve the turkey stands up and just…
Did Liz’s Turkey Call Result in a Turkey? [VIDEO]
When we visited Quaker Boy they us make our own Turkey Calls! I was told she made it so well they would actually be able to sell it! (Clay and Dale did not receive that comment, lol.) I decided to gift mine to a family friend who actually hunts turkey
Thanksgiving Turkey Recall Is Hoax
If you have heard that there is a disease in turkeys and they are being recalled, you have fallen for a major hoak that is hitting the U.S. right before Thanksgiving and many news networks picked up on the lie.
According to the National Report:
The CDC has confirmed that millions of turkeys have been …

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