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Did TSA Go Too Far on Disabled Marine?
I've been saying for years that military, both active and retired, should have a separate lane or station at airports and bus stations for screening. I saw this story this morning and it got under my skin.
Toby Keith Honored By AARP [VIDEO]
It’s no secret that Toby Keith is big supporter of the US Military.  Toby has been overseas more times than I could probably count.  Now his efforts and support is being recognized by the AARP.  Toby has received the Distinguished Service Award from the Military Office…
Female Airman Has One Heck Of A Voice [VIDEO]
Love these videos.... especially when it involves our military men and women.  It really is nice to see that even in times of battle and sacrifice, our soldiers find a great way to relieve stress and take their minds away from matters at hand.  Here, one female airman gives pop singer Adel…