world records

11 Strikes In One Minute – New World Record [VIDEO]
There are records for just about everything in the world.  Longest hair, longest fingernails, longest amount of time to go without sleep, they're all records that are sitting there waiting to be broken.  The latest one has to do with bowling.  It's the most strikes thrown in…
How Many Numbers Can You Remember?
There all kinds of world records – the Guinness Book is probably the most famous authority and those records have to be verified.
Some of the most incredible records involve memory.  How many numbers could you remember if they flashed on a screen for just one second?
World’s Largest BLT [Video]
'Hey guys, I've got an extra 600 lbs of bacon and a ton of tomatoes and lettuce.  What do you want to do with it?'  'Let's make a super huge BLT dude!'
And that's how it was born.  It is the world's largest BLT sandwich and I'm super hu…