Arcade, NY Woman in Carrie Underwood ‘Dirty Laundry’ Video
Carrie Underwood has just released her new video for the song 'Dirty Laundry' and it has a local tie-in. Amanda Galioto is an Arcade, NY, native who now lives in Nashville and can be seen in the video.
I have to say it’s darn cool to root for her success as a self-employed a…
YouTube Turns 10 Years Old Today! [VIDEO]
It's hard to imagine a world without YouTube.  But then again, think of how many sites have come into our lives and changed right before our eyes.  I remember when I was in college, one of my professors was talking about this site called "Google" and I had no idea wh…
The Top Five YouTube Videos Of 2014 [VIDEOS]
I remember when YouTube became "a thing" and everyone was talking about what they saw there.  Well, it's even bigger in 2014 and the videos get even more views.  So what are the biggest videos of 2014 on YouTube?

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