Redneck Pool Heater Part 2 [VIDEO]
Thanks for the great response to Sunday's posting about a "redneck pool heater." It was so good, I decided to investigate further to see how folks heat their pools in the not-so-conventional way.
A Redneck Pool Heater! [VIDEO]
Earlier this year my wife said we need to get a pool heater. Though our pool gets a lot of sun and we use a solar cover, solar pills and the black solar mat, my wife would like our pool to be even warmer. Personally, I don't mind 75 degrees. She, on the other hand would like it closer to 90! So rath…
Do Not Attempt This At Home! [VIDEO]
Yes, I admit it. I am sitting around this morning having my coffee and thinking, "Gee, I wonder if Youtube has any interesting marching band videos?". Well sure enough they do. This video is of an actual performance, but I had to wonder if any player got hurt in rehearsal!
A Mother’s Work Is Never Done [VIDEO]
Perhaps I should have posted this last week for Mother's Day! Again this year, the barn swallows in our barn have been very busy. So I decided to look on Youtube for any videos of "Mama Swallow" feeding her young.
A Mother’s Day “I.O.U.” [VIDEO]
WARNING!  You will need a box of tissues for this one. To my wonderful Mom and my "other" Mother, my sweet mother-in-law...I love you and miss you both! Both are gone now, but I will never forget all the years I worked on the radio on Mother's Day and called the…
Getty Images I am sure from reading my posts over the last year or so you know I am an animal lover. We have horses, a dog and of course CATS! Growing up I wasn't much of a kitty lover but after we were married my wife introduced me to joys of cat ownership. Or perhaps it's the other …
The Golf War? [VIDEO]
I will admit, I am not a golfer. I tried, and I am just not good. I did however enjoy driving the cart...until fellow golfers started yelling at me. Hey, it was my first time on the links. How was I to know you weren't supposed to drive on the green! However, I am interested in giving it another try…
The First Youtube Video
The internet's most visited website is Google followed closely by Facebook. Coming in third is Youtube which is also the second-most used search engine just behind Google.
Youtube was created in 2005 and acquired by Google the following year...
Justin Timberlake Keeps Promise, Attends Marine Ball!
Justin Timberlake obviously was not kidding when he accepted the invitation to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball from Cpl. Kelsey De Santis via a You Tube video.  On Saturday night, Timberlake attended the event and even blogged after it saying.......

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