Remember when a slow song would come on at a concert and the crowd would bring out their lighters to set the mood? It's cell phones that do the lighting now, and The Band Perry was pretty lucky last week that their fans brought theirs along, as the lights went out in the middle of one of their sets.

They were playing at The Ohio State University when the generators failed and left the band in complete darkness. It was then that the band saw something truly incredible happen: The crowd all pulled their phones out to light the band up...literally. They had just enough light to sing an acoustic version of "I Will Always Love You".

(BB Gun Press)

It wasn't long before the lights came back on, and the band has to admit this is just one of the many hurdles that they've had to jump.

"We never know what's going to happen when we step on stage," said Kimberly Perry. "One show I'm throwing bits of my shredded dress into the audience, and another we're playing under the cell phone spotlight."

(BB Gun Press)

The band is getting ready to headline their "We Are Pioneers" world tour next starting in November.