I know it sounds like a stupid thought, but I decided to run with it.  Which country artists (of today's country...80's-present) should be on the Country Music Mt. Rushmore?  That's right....4 faces that say "country music" to you! Now keep in mind, Mt. Rushmore symbolizes the first 150 years of American history....these country artists should do the same.  Unfortunately, we will not include Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn etc..... We all know that they were country before it became popular. Remember....80's-present!!

Here are my choices....

Garth Brooks

- How can you disagree.  Garth held the country music world down for a good 10  years.  He also made it popular and "ok" to listen to.  Not that old country isn't good, but you know what I'm saying.    Brooks has received 2 Grammy's, 16 AMA awards, 11 CMA awards, 18 ACM awards...World Music, People's Choice, Billboard....Tons of albums sold which included countless #1 hits......Is there really a need to continue!!

Reba McEntire

And still going strong!  Not only is it tough as all to make it in country music as a woman.....Reba showed that you can do it and stay relevant after all these years.  She's a singer, actress, host and one hell of a performer.  She, like Brooks, has received countless awards, has recorded many albums and really is the top female in country music!

George Strait

They don't call him "King George" for nothing!  The man has had over 50 #1 songs.  Strait holds the record for most #1 albums, gold albums and platinum albums in country music history.  Strait is 3rd to only Elvis and The Beatles with the most gold and platinum albums in the recorded history of music.

Alan Jackson

The 4th was tough----It's a toss up between Toby Keith and Alan Jackson, but I'm going to have to say Alan just because he has a larger body of work.  Jackson has quietly and steadily maintained relevance in the country music world as it made it's transformation to "pop country."  Toby puts on a better show and one day will be considered a great of his time, but Alan has more hits, albums and awards.

Who on your country Mount Rushmore???