Here are the Top 10 Luckiest Jobs according to a recent poll. A number of them you may disagree with, but hey, you didn't participate in the poll.....did ya!!  LOL

23.6% of the people polled feel that being would have to be the luckiest career to have.

#2- Photographer-12.9%- I can understand that- ex. Playboy, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, fashion, sports....

#3- Interior Designer-9%- Sure, why not?  You get to make people's houses, offices & businesses look as good or as ugly as you want to make them!

#4- Artist-7.7%- Any job in the arts is great to have.  Arts are like a hobby...and to get paid for doing a hobby is priceless!

#5- Film/Stage Director-6%

#6- College Head Coach-4.3% - What guy wouldn't want that job.....just keep your assistant coaches off the players...LOL...Not Funny!

#7- Judge-3.9%- I'm not sure I'd want to have somebody's fate in my hands....too much pressure!

#8- Executive Chef-3.4%- You get paid well and you're around food. Awesome!

#9- Helicopter Pilot-3.4%- No Thanks!  Helicopters scare the fudge out of me almost as much as hot air balloons.

#10- Producer- 3.4%

What makes a job lucky?

1. Being able to do what you love

2. Having flexible hours

3. Getting cool perks

4. Being able to travel

5. Working at a fun place/fun environment


(Radio Online)