Did you ever wonder if grocery shopping on a Wednesday was better than going on Sunday or if getting married on a Friday made more sense than on a Saturday?  Well researchers say there is a best day for everything!  Lets take grocery shopping to start.....Studies find that Wednesday is the prime time to grocery shop in peace.  Even more specific, grocery shopping on a Wednesday night after 9p.m. is the least crowded time.  According to stats only 4% of shoppers are out late on a Wednesday night.

-Quitting Smoking- Scientists say that Friday is the best day to quit.  They say that your willpower it at its peak on the weekends.  I challenge that.  I think people want to relax and enjoy themselves.  There's more time to indulge on the weekend.  Though, I can see their point.  There are a lot more stressful situations during a work week.

- Getting Married- Most weddings are held on a weekend.  It's the easiest time for friends and family to gather for the special event.  But did you know that you can save a lot of money if you have your wedding on a Friday!  Researchers have found the cost of reception and ceremony to be half as expensive when you hold them on a Friday!

-Best Day To Fly- is a Tuesday.  Airline prices are the lowest.  They are at their peak on the weekends.

-Going Out To Eat- Obviously, weekends will be busiest, so you can scratch Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I was always told to avoid eating out on Mondays because you are getting the leftover weekend specials.  TV show personality and world renown chef Anthony Bourdain says the best day to eat out is a Tuesday.  Tuesdays are typically delivery days.  You'll get the freshest food then!

-Selling Your House- According to American estate agent "Redfin", the best day to sell the house is on a Friday.  Redfin did some extensive research to come to this conclusion.  The group analyzed 1.2 million listings in 16 markets in 21 months.

- Asking For A Raise- Fat chance, right?  Well, if you are going to make this courageous attempt.  Studies say to do it on a Wednesday.  The recruitment company "Office Angels" surveyed a number of managers and 7 out of 10 said that Wednesday was the best day.  Mondays are a no-no.  Nobody wants to hear you whining for more loot on a Monday.  Fridays are bad because everyone is lookin forward to the weekend.


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