I never get tired of reading books recounting the history of Buffalo.  We know chicken wings were invented here, but so were windshield wipers, the heart pacemaker, air conditioning, grain mills, non-dairy creamer and even the electric chair.

The first electric street lights in the world lit up Ganson Street.

American Express and the Pony Express were founded in Buffalo.

The first day care center in the world was in Buffalo.

And 1901 was an interesting year.  Buffalo hosted the Pan American Exposition and at that time it was the 8th largest city in the country.

Instant coffee was served for the first time at the Pan-Am Exposition.

Buffalo had 60 millionaires – more per capita than any other city.

In 1901, Buffalo had more than 200 miles of paved roads – more than any other city in the world.

Larkin Soap Company was the largest of its kind in the world.

Pratt and Lambert Paint Company was the largest in the world.

The country’s first-ever laboratory dedicated strictly to the research of cancer opened in Buffalo.  Doctor
Roswell Park was its director and it’s grown into one of the world’s most respected cancer research centers – Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

SOURCE: buffaloah.com