I never used to mind cleaning the house on weekends; I would take one morning of the weekend for regular household chores, like cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming and laundry.

But it seems as I get older, my passion for doing these chores has diminished in a big way. I have become a person who leaves dishes in the sink because I was too lazy to empty the dishwasher of clean dishes.

Even saying this out loud, I know how ridiculous it seems, but I just haven't cared all that much. Last night when I got home, I walked in the kitchen, and it hit me that I’ve been a lazy sloth. Maybe the lingering winter weather has something to do with it, but it's still no excuse. So this weekend, I’m digging in and getting things done – it’s time for Spring Cleaning!

What to tackle first? I’m treating this blog as my cleaning checklist.

Bathroom – scrub shower, clean toilet and sink and mop the floor. Oh, and I can’t forget to vacuum the exhaust fan -- that always fills up with super-big dust bunnies.

Kitchen – scrub sink, clean out oven and refrigerator and mop the floor.

Living room/Dining room – vacuum and dust.

Tt seems I have a good list to start, but I know I will need to dig deeper and tackle the cobwebs in the corners of all rooms, wash the windows (I hate that) and clean the window coverings.  Finally -- clean out my hall closets. I’m great at dumping stuff in them just to get it out of sight!

Happy Spring Cleaning!!