What a great addition Darius Rucker has been to country music!  I was a fan, as many of you were, back in the "Hootie" days. Who can forget songs like, "I Only Wanna Be With You", "Let Her Cry" and "Hold My Hand." They were awesome...and I hope, somehow, Darius adds one or two to his set list when he comes to Buffalo as part of the 2013 Taste Of Country on June 14 (probably not, but maybeee).

How about some of his country hits..."Alright", "It Won't Be Like This For Long", and "This."  They're all great tunes. In saying that, I've posted a few of my favorite Darius Rucker performances.  It's just a way I like to get ready for the big show.

"Let Her Cry"

"It Won't Be Like This For Long"

"All I Want"
(One of my favorites!! But NSFW --NOTE CONTENT)