In 2002 Cyndi Thomson joined us at The Taste Of Country.  She was a huge success at the time and it seemed that she was going to take the country world by storm.  Then as quickly as she came in, she was gone.

Her first CD called "My World" came out in 2001.  On that CD was "What I Really Meant To Say" a song hit the #1 spot on this day in 2001.  Things seemed to be really going well for her.

Then she just walked away.

She wrote a letter to her fans and her record company that said that being a recording artist was an "overwhelming life changing experience" and that she "cannot commit to [the] obligations" of making a new album.  And that was it. 

However, if you were a fan of Cyndi Thomson then, the good news is that she's back in the recording studio now.  To see what she's up to you can check out The Official Cyndi Thomson Webpage. the way...if you're trying to remember who was at the Taste Of Country the same year as her, it was the same year as Steve Azar,  Emerson Drive, Ty Herndon, Lonestar, and some guy named Brad Paisley.