Every woman reading this right now is probably wondering where the other 4,000 items are because I'm sure there's more than 5 things that they hate that men do.

This list that was formed in the beginning of the year will look at only the top 5 Things Women Hate That Men Do Around The House. I knew I was quite guilty of a few of these but, I needed to know how many of these really irked Amber so, I called her in the middle of the show last night to wake her up and find out.

For a hot second I thought we were going to get in a fight on live radio.

Women, what would you add? Guys, which are you guilty of? Or....at least think you are.

Here's what she had to say....

  • 5

    Not Helping With The Dishes

    Not guilty.

  • 4



  • 3

    Leaving Hair Clippings In The Sink


  • 2


    Very Guilty.

  • 1

    Leaving The Toilet Seat Up

    Guilty....even though I would call a lawyer to challenge this.