Sometimes your boyfriend may be a chicken and not have the cojones to say "its over" to your face. Other times your girlfriend may be so chicken she has her friends dump you. Nearly the worst: TEXT (What, are you back in 8th grade?).

Here's what we compiled as the Top 5 worst ways that you can possibly get dumped.

#5 Dumped through Facebook:

#4 Dumped through a friend:

#3 Not only do you get dumped, but they date your friend:

#2 Getting the cold shoulder:

Coming in at #1 though, hard to debate it: going out to dinner, and instead of getting "Happy Birthday," you get "It's Over".

Haha, it's funny to us but imagine being the guy getting dumped this way.

What do you think? What's the worst way to get dumped? Have you ever got canned in a horrible way?