It's not the millions of albums Trace Adkins has sold that impress his three young daughters, Brianna, MacKenzie and Trinity, who live at home (two older daughters are out of the house). It's their dad's celebrity connections his girls are most interested in -- especially when the celebrity is Justin Bieber.

According to "The Boot". the proud papa used his show-biz connections to hook up his young girls with a backstage pass at a recent Justin Bieber show, which is where the problems apparently began. "'Baby, baby, oh!' That's just all it is over and over, it's like '99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall,'" Trace complains to CMT, citing the lyrics to the teen heartthrob's song. "My three-year old granddaughter says, 'Justin Bieber's my life.' The only reason she says that is because she's heard her 13-year-old aunt say the same thing."Still, he adds, the hook-up was worth it to make his daughters happy.