Let me start off by saying that everyone likes a bargain.  Who wouldn't??  Cutting corners where you can always helps.  One of the best places to cut corners when purchasing just about anything is good 'ole Walmart.  Walmart has dedicated shoppers, casual shoppers and closet shoppers (you know who you are), but it's also having issues with a scam that comes to you, the shopper, via text message!  One Western New Yorker received a text message reading "Dear Walmart Shopper, congratulations you have just won.... a $1,000 gift card!"  Sounds great doesn't it?  Sure does, but you can't trust anything nowadays unless its happening here and now.  This one Western New Yorker called the text number back and found out that the mailbox was not set up.  He then took the text message into a local Walmart and found out that it was a complete scam.  Sorry, no gift card! Keep an eye out for these and other scams.  They could cause you a lot of grief!