We all have a fear of something. It’s something we try to work through during life. Some people handle it better than others because no doubt we’ll have to deal with it at one time or another.

  • Fear of Clowns

    This one probably comes after a scary encounter with one as a kid. Some people think they’re just creepy. The fear of clowns is called Coulrophobia. Some people never outgrow it. The weird make-up, the big red nose, wild hair color. As an adult, it doesn’t make sense you’d fear one, but some people just can’t shake it.

  • Fear of Work

    Some people have a fear of work and it has a name – Ergasiophobia. Experts say those who have it may have some mental health problem like depression or Attention Deficit Disorder.

    (Will Merydith@Flickr)
  • Fear of Nudity

    Some people hate to look at themselves in the mirror when they nude and they’d be mortified if anybody else saw them. A lot of that is because of society’s expectations that we should all strive to have a beautiful body. Some people never will and they’d prefer to keep their bodies hidden. Fear of nudity is called Gymnophobia.

  • Fear of Change

    Some people hate change. They hate anything new. Many of these people won’t even try anything new. It makes them angry that things have to change in the first place. It’s called Neophobia.

  • Fear of Everything

    And a pretty serious one has a couple of names – Panophobia, Pantophobia or Omniphobia – the fear of everything. So how do you treat that? It’s not easy. It’s the dread of some unknown evil. It’s considered similar to schizophrenia.