Over the weekend, the 3D remake of Disney's "The Lion King" took in a boatload of money.  Who would have thought that making a movie pop off the screen would make people shell out even more cash than a new movie in 2D?

IFC.com put together a list of 10 movies that they would love to see redone in 3D.  My favorites from their list:

1.  The Last Starfighter -- I remember watching this as a kid and being just blown away by it.  I can just imagine being blown away by it again as an adult.

2.  Flight Of The Navigator -- This movie was huge when it came out.  I remember the pod-like spacecraft that he flew in.  It was a super cool movie.

3. Labyrinth -- Who can forget the scene when David Bowie was juggling the crystal spheres with one hand and waving them back and forth up and down his forearms?  How cool would that be?

4.  E.T.:  The Extraterrestrial -- Picture that finger coming straight at you as E.T. says "oooouuuuch"  or the guys in the Hazmat suits. 

5.  The Lawnmower Man -- Not a movie for the kids but this one was pretty trippy in 2D with its virtual reality scenes.  I can just imagine what it would be like in 3D!