I have Sabres tickets, and there’s a lockout -- What do I do??

Good question, huh?  The Sabres season was supposed to open with a home game on October 13 against the Pittsburgh Penguins, but with the lockout upon us, we are looking at an abbreviated season or no season at all.  So what do you do with your tickets if the season does not start on time??

The Sabres are offering two options….

  1. You will be refunded at the end of each month for any games cancelled by the NHL.  So if you have tickets for the home opener and it doesn’t happen….you can get your money back on November 1.  The refund process will be communicated to season ticket holders as well as mini-pack holders through snail mail or email. (if games are cancelled)
  2. The other option…The Sabres will offer season ticket holders/mini-pack holders 4% simple interest (by the year) on the value of games cancelled. (Gold, Silver, Bronze & Value)

For more info on Sabres tickets and possible refunds….visit Sabres.com

For more info on the NHL lockout visit NHL.com