Western New York is beautiful in autumn. The foliage sparkles in hues of red, orange and yellow. The fall is a major reason I love living here. Until, that is, those leaves end up carpeting my lawn and I need to get them out to the curb. I’ve mulched, blown, dragged, raked, pushed, pulled and piled those leaves, but this year I’ve added a product to my repertoire that not only saves time and energy, but fulfills my number one requirement…it’s 100% American Made.

The Gardex leaf scoops are poly discs which are worn on your hands like mittens. Tine ends allow you to totally pick up leaf pile residue. Solid panels prevent small objects (i.e. acorns) from being missed. I love them because I have a couple of pine trees and the needles are always an issue. Also, the Gardex Leaf Scoop is perfect for picking up wet leaves.

As always, 100% Amercian-made products like the Gardex Leaf Scoop are available at the Made in America Store 900 Maple Road in Elma, N.Y. or online at saveourcountryfirst.com.
Remember, if every one of us spent an additional $3.33 on American made goods, we’d create 10,000 jobs. It’s that easy.

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