It’s time for Hashtag Tuesday once again. Brett's on vacation this week, probably off drinking some beers if I know him. Hopefully, coming back with some good stories. So hopefully, when he returns, he'll have a #whenIdrink moment. Let's see what ya got...

Here is your opportunity truly admit to yourself (and to just about everyone on twitter) what you do when you have a few beverages.  So here’s what you have to do.

First of all, make sure you are on Twitter. Then make sure you’re following us, @1065WYRK. Next, all you have to do is put your tweet in a formula kind of like this:

@1065wyrk #WhenIdrink sometimes I  fall asleep just about anywhere

Or ….

@1065WYRK  I'm always seem to not hear the alarm clock the following morning #WhenIdrink

As long as you use the hashtag #WhenIdrink and tweet it to us @1065WYRK, we’ll see it. Get as creative as you’d like. Be funny or be serious. Just get them in. Make up some good stuff. We’d love to hear them!

I’ve got sheets of ride tickets to give away for the person with the best tweet to 55th annual Niagara County Peach Fest, Sept. 7-9 in Lewiston.