Time Magazine’s online version posted a listing of the fastest and slowest of the national restaurant chain drive thru’s. Any idea who was best? How about the worst? The survey was done by a restaurant-industry magazine called QSR, short for Quick Service Restaurants. They studied average wait times at seven of the country’s most famous fast-food restaurants in various parts of the country. And emerging as the overall loser was......

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    Burger King

    Motorists spent an average of 3:20 waiting for their Whopper at Burger King – hardly royal treatment. Burger King also had the worst accuracy ratings of any of the seven restaurants surveyed, getting orders correct only 83% of the time.

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    Headquartered in Atlanta featuring chicken sandwiches. Average wait 3:10. Its accuracy was the best of the restaurants surveyed at 92%.

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    Average wait 3:08

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    Headquartered in Chattanooga featuring small, square hamburger sliders steamed in onions. Average wait 2:55

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    Based in Charlotte, famous for chicken and biscuits. Average wait 2:51

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    Taco Bell

    Average wait 2:29

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    Easily the quickest drive-thru experience with an average wait of 2:09, more than a minute quicker than Burger King. And Wendy’s was the only chain to improve its drive-thru wait time from the year before. QSR also found fast-food restaurant employees using the word “please” increased from 53% to 57%, but “thank-you” decreased slightly to 86%.

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