If there is another season, will Keith Urban be returning to 'American Idol'?

“We haven’t confirmed anything, but we needed to leave some holes there, in case another season happens. If we do another season, those would be where the audition cities would go. But nothing’s confirmed at all," says Keith.

But it sure does seem like that if there is a 12th season of 'American Idol' that Keith Urban would sign on, and that it's just a matter if there will be another season.

Keith is such a nice guy, I bet that he hates when he has to crush some singer's dreams of making the big time. But, he does handle himself well, and I think that he's great for the show and represents country music perfectly on national TV.

As, 'Idol' winds down Keith Urban will quickly hit the road and head back on tour after a long drought that left fans itching for live shows. A new album is expected to drop later in the year.