It seems as though the Olympics are not just about the games on the track or field. It may be about what happens off the field that really gets the athletes excited. The London Games are about to begin on July 27th and the organizers are getting ready for the big parties that surround the Olympic Village.With over 10,000 athletes from all over the world, most of which are young, the committee is concerned about the late night drinking and sex binges.

"The Olympics is the height of your career, so you might do some things you don't usually do," British beach volleyball player Shauna Mullin said with a giggle Wednesday.

A good deal of the countries that will be represented have a completely different take on sex than we do here in the US. One night stands are taboo here in the States, however, many cultures look at sex young athlete told the AP..

"In 2008 I was so young and so shy, so I didn't interact with the women," the 20-year-old Brou said. "But now I'm a big man. So I can try. I will try."

I am looking forward to the games, but perhaps the TV ratings would be better if NBC were to show some of the reality type show stuff that happens outside of the games!