This woman named Jeanne Ouellette was in in the changing room inside of Kohl's department store when all of the sudden she noticed something.

Problem #1: There was a man who was video taping her on his cell phone through a crack in the wall.

Problem #2: Jeanne was trying on bras.

Clearly this guy was a creep, and Jeanne was ticked off and wasn't about to do nothing. So she took matters into her own hands, chasing him around the store without anything on her top half at all. I mean, after all, she was in the middle of trying on bras, and she couldn't let him get away. She got as far as the front door before she decided that she shouldn't walk out into the parking lot topless.

Luckily, some other people chased him down, and the man was charged and jailed. But my question to you is: Would you have chased him to get justice without your shirt? What would you have done?