Criminals are rarely smart.

Meet Danielle Sexton from Illinois.

She walked out of a shop by her hometown, stealing this leopard print dress, and when the manager of the store saw the cameras proving Sexton was stealing, he contacted the police.

The manager used Facebook to alarm people of what the lady looked like and what she stole. It just so happened that she thought she looked SO GOOD in her steal that she had to show everyone on Facebook, and within hours, people were pointing police in the direction of Sexton (who had already made this her profile pic), who was then arrested.

She stole the dress at 3 p.m.; she was arrested by 6 p.m., and she was in jail by 9 p.m.

According to Yahoo:

Everybody laughed about it a little bit because she got herself caught. She put herself out there. And now, her face has been splashed all over the place as a warning to future criminals who just can't curb their selfie addiction.