Sixty-four bucks. It doesn’t sound like a lot, especially during this holiday season, but sixty-four dollars can change lives. Sixty-four Washingtons, sixty-four somolians, sixty-four greenbacks - that’s all you need to spend to do your part in creating 200,000 American jobs.

According to ABC’s World News with Diane Sawyer and top economists, the average American will spend $700 on holiday gifts. That’s more than $465 billion dollars. If every dime of that was spent on American-made products, 4.6 million long-lasting jobs would be created. Spend just $64 each and we create 200,000 jobs.

The Made in America Store in Elma, New York, wants to know if you’re in and they’re making it easy to do your part. The Made In America Store "Are You IN?" Box is a great gift and, no coincidence, it’s only $64.

The Made In America Box
1. (2) 16oz Made in America Store Glasses
2. (2) Made in America Store Shot Glasses
3. (2) Can Koozies (1 Red, 1 Blue)
4. Deck of Bicycle Cards
5. Made in America Store Magnet
6. Buffalo Beef on Weck Combo Set
7. Made in America Store $1 Million Chocolate Bar
8. Snaps
9. Assorted Fruit Old Fashioed Hard Candy
10. Ricky Lee "Ordinary Man" CD
11. Made in America Store Mini Magnet

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