We originally posted this on May 7th, 2011 and thought it was fitting to repost for this Mother's Day.

Clay Moden

What can I say about my mother. Really it would be hard to say all the great things that should be said about a woman that was taken from us way too soon.  My mother passed away at the age of 52 in 1996.  To this day I think of my mom every single moment I can.  She and my father are the reason I am anything today.  My mother was a stay at home mom and as many of you know that is a full time-full time job.  It was said at her funeral that my mother's hobby was US, the kids.  That is so true.  Many people remember certain things from childhood and for me one of the things that sticks out are lessons that I learned from mom.  One of those being that I had to keep my fingernails clean.  "Girls like a guy with clean hands" she would say.  To this day I make sure that my nails are trimmed and hands clean.
I would say the number one thing that mom instilled in me is that other people come first.  She never had the fancy clothes you see on other women. She never went to spas or had her nails done or even went out with the girls like some do.  For my mom, home was all she knew.  Us.  Five kids and a husband and our needs were met before she even thought about doing something for herself.  Heck, she wore the same glasses that were broken up until the day she died because she could "see just fine out of them.  That's as humble and honest as it gets.
I want to wish all moms a Happy Mothers Day!

Dale Mussen

My mom passed away way too early in life.  I was only 22 and boy what I'd do just to have a few minutes with her.  There's a whole lot of news I'd have to get her caught up on - what I've done and been able to accomplish, but I suppose she already knows all that.  I'd want to tell her anyway.  I'd also want to tell her how much I love her and miss her.
I was born to deaf parents and my mom was amazing.  She read lips so well most people didn't know she was deaf.  I remember going to a clothes store she loved shopping at and I was using sign language talking to her.  The sales ladies who'd known her for a long time looked surprised and said they didn't know she had a deaf son.  I heard them say that and told them I wasn't deaf - my mom was.  They were floored.  She'd been coming in there so long and had no idea.  She had a great knack for dealing with what she thought was a minor handicap.
Happy Mother's Day Mom.

Wendy Lynn

Mother’s Day weekend brings up so many feelings in me, I’m sad because I lost my mom in 2002 but I also feel very blessed to have had such a great mom (my friends referred to her as the ‘cool’ mom).
When all of us at the station decided we wanted to share pictures of us with our moms it really had an effect on me because I couldn’t find very many pictures of just me and mom, I guess we thought there would be more time for photos.  I did however stumble upon this totally awesome 80’s picture of me, mom and my niece.
My happy memories of her will have to do, well at least until I see her again.
I love you mom, Happy Mother’s Day from your ‘Pooh Bear’.

Brett Alan

I was the baby of my family. So I have to be honest…I think I got a little more of my mom’s time than my brothers and my sister did. She has been my biggest supporter even when I didn’t believe in myself. I’ve been accused of being a momma’s boy on more than one occasion and all my accusers are right.
My parents were like the perfect team. My dad was the strict one and my mom was the compassionate one (of course my opinion of my dad changed as I grew up and realized that my dad did in fact have a softer side). But we knew that if we wanted to ask to stay at a friend’s house or for permission to do something special…we went to mom. When we skinned our knees or crashed our bikes, we went to mom to make it all better. Growing up, we had the best of both worlds.
She taught me to be patient and see all sides of an argument before jumping to conclusions (she still has to correct me on this sometimes). She taught me that there are some problems that we cannot solve by ourselves and it’s ok to ask God for help with those. She taught me that if you give love, you’ll find love comes your way: The more you give, the more you get. She taught me the value in open communication. I can’t tell you how many “family pow-wows” we used to have. We’d all sit around the table and get our gripes out and then go on with our lives. We’d air our grievances and then move on.
And something that seems little that I’ll never forget about my mom is her love of music. She is the one who taught me about music and that it’s ok to sing. We would wake up to her beautiful singing voice quite a bit when we were kids and I will never forget how she helped to start our day.
I could obviously go on forever about the incredibly strong woman that I call my mom. She’s the glue that holds my family together and I love her very much. Happy Mother’s Day mom! I love you!

Dean Sarago

This is my mother Sandra. The picture was taken early 70's (our outfits are a dead giveaway). I lost my mom in 2002 and have thought about her everyday since. She was amazing. I only wish she was still here for me to tell her how right she was about so many things.
Happy Mother's Day