I brought this up on my show years ago and it seemed like no one was listening so I shut up about it. Wait, someone IS listening! Congressman Brian Higgins wants to tear down the Skyway! Thank you Brian!

In my humble opinion, if the city of Buffalo wants to move forward with our waterfront development, we need to remove this antiquated eyesore. As Representative Higgins has stated, the cost to maintain and repair the bridge is far more than we can afford. Aside from the financial aspect, our waterfront would look so much nicer witout the Skyway.  (http://www.buffalorising.com/2012/09/higgins-pushes-for-skyway-removal.html)

Many of our former politicians really screwed things up for us here in Buffalo. It's time we make positive changes and move our city to where it should be and deserves to be. I really miss former Buffalo Mayor Jimmy Griffin. He got us the downtown baseball stadium and the metro rail line. I wish we had a mayor who would take the Bison by the horns and start moving this city forward for oue future generations.