There are just some country songs that resonate more with kids than others -- whether it's the sing-along aspect or certain lyrics, some songs are kids anthems.

Plenty of examples to choose from but here are 10 songs your kids will love:


  • 1

    Lonestar - "Mr. Mom"

    Everything about this one appeals to kids. The lyrics (Barney, pampers, crayons, sweet potatoes), the sing-along music and the cartoon music video.

  • 2

    Rodney Atkins - "Watching You"

    Rodney's massive hit from early 2007 is all about what kids learn from watching their parents and any kid can relate to that.

  • 3

    Alan Jackson - "Little Bitty"

    This one is fun and with a sing-along titled"Little Bitty," how can a kid not love this AJ tune?

  • 4

    Tim McGraw - "Last Dollar (Fly Away)"

    "Last Dollar" is a fun, sing-along and the end of the song features Tim's daughters singing the chorus.

  • 5

    Rascal Flatts - "Life Is a Highway"

    This song straight from the Cars soundtrack and it's always been a kid-favorite.

  • 6

    Darius Rucker - "Wagon Wheel"

    "Rock me baby, like a wagon wheel; rock me baby, any way you feel, heeeey mama rock me"

    That sing-along is adored by kids!

  • 7

    George Strait - "Check Yes or No"

    The song is about two people who met as kids on a playground with an adorable of note-passing in class. I loved this one as a kid.


  • 8

    The Oak Ridge Boys - "Elvira"

    "Giddy up oom poppa omm poppa mow mow
    Giddy up oom poppa omm poppa mow mow
    Heigh-ho silver, away"

    It's so catchy and easy to remember for kids to sing along.

  • 9

    Jamey Johnson - "The Dollar"

    This was Jamey's debut in 2005. The song is about a young boy asking his mom, "why does dad leave every day?"

    When his mom explains because daddy gets money for his time, the boy pleads that he too has a dollar's worth of change to give his dad, so he can spend some time with him...yeah, tears ensue.

  • 10

    Buddy Jewell - "Help Pour Out the Rain (Lacey's Song)"

    Buddy Jewell's debut hit he wrote for his daughter. She asked if she can help the angels pour out the rain when she gets to heaven. Adorable lyrics.

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