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8 Famous Country Songs That Talk About Buffalo, NY
This was a fun little project that ended up taking me a couple of hours because the more I could think of and the more I could find led me to another one.
I've been meaning to do this for some time, so if you're a major country fan you may notice that there are a bunch of 'Buffalo&apos…
10 Sexiest Voices in Country Music
Is it a low growl or the confidence to reach up and hit those delicate high notes? Is it crooning about candles and satin sheets that makes a voice sexy, or is it singing about guy stuff, like hunting and raising hell? You'll find all of the above in this list of the 10 sexiest voices in countr…
Muslim Killers?
Everyone has there own opinion and right to express that opinion. However, when the opinion has no facts to back it up, it's irresponsible and incendiary. Country fans are rightfully upset with a guest that appeared on MSNBC this week.

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