What a sad day for country music. Toby's family announced via social media that he lost his battle with cancer and passed away on February 5, 2024. Toby last played a series of shows in Vegas in December.

Toby shaped the 90s and 2000s in country music with hits like 'How Do You Like Me Now', 'I Love This Bar', 'Whiskey Girl', As Good As I Once Was' and more. An amazing Patriot as well. Toby loved the United States and he didn't shy away from it--with hits like 'American Ride', 'American Soldier', and 'Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue'.

A few years back, Toby was in Western New York at Darien Lake where he wanted to hang out a little before the show. We were nervous, REALLY NERVOUS.


After a couple of rounds of Toby's Mescal Tequila that he makes, everyone was a little comfortable with themselves so, I decided that it was time to play 'Would You Rather'.

You know how you have those few artists that you grew up listening to? I'm pretty sure this was the most nervous I had ever been doing an interview because Toby Keith to me is that guy. In fact, I remember a couple times trying to prepare myself in my head because I started to forget what I was going to say because I was in awe of the situation.

But, we played a round of Either Or and naturally, it came out weird, interesting and hilarious.

(Apparently, I was just too comfortable in the beginning--yikes lol)

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