One restaurant in Western New York is going to be very busy this weekend after a movie crew is preparing to film at the location. 

There have been several movies filmed in Western New York over the years, but the biggest hot spot seems to be East Aurora. However, this weekend is going to be bumping in Lancaster after news broke that a movie crew would be arriving to set up camp at this popular location. 

The Lancaster Side Door Deli shared a Facebook post to acknowledge the projected busy day ahead over the weekend. 

Lancaster Side Door Deli wrote:

“Sunday at the Deli will be busy - A movie crew will be shooting in the dinner and deli [area]. We will be open as they shoot so we don’t miss out taking care of our customers - Hope to see the results of our team on the big screen. 


Dinner will close at 11:30 to get ready for production - See you at the Deli. Let’s bring a crowd of customers to showcase the Deli in Lancaster.”

When someone commented on the post inquiring about the movie that will be filmed there, Lancaster Side Door Deli responded with “CAN’T SAY.”

Ooo, a mystery….

But it won’t be a mystery for long. Lancaster Side Door Deli, located on Broadway Ave, wrote on Facebook, “We can’t talk about that til after Sunday.” 

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