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Checking Out the Sights at the Allentown Art Festival
One incredible fact about the Allentown Art Festival.  This year's edition is the 61st annual and it's the first time in my life I attended it.  Where have I been all these years?  What is it that I'm doing this time each year that I haven't been able to make time …
Best Pizzas In America? WNY Made the List
Where can you find the best pizzas in America?  You don't have to drive far.  The website thedailymeal.com has published a list of the 101 Best Pizzas in America and Buffalo placed three pizza shops on the list.
How Fun A City Is Buffalo?
Think of all of the cities in the country you might think are fun places to spend some time in.  New York City?  Las Vegas?  Chicago?  Nashville?  If you came up with a list of 150 cities where would Buffalo end up on that list?  You might be surprised.
Two Years Later And Nothing Has Changed
I was reading columnist Rod Watson's opinion piece in Thursday's (9/7/17) Buffalo News and it sounded so familiar.  He was speaking about how maddening it can sometimes be just traveling Buffalo streets because of the near certainty that you won't get far before having to stop for a red light.  I ha…
How Good A Place Is Buffalo To Raise A Family?
Most people can expect to move at least 11 times in their lives.  Most often it's the result of employment opportunities or family changes.  Sometimes it's just the pursuit of something different.  Ideally you want to pick a place that's good for raising a family, …

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