The Buffalo Marathon takes place annually on the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend, and there are over 6,000 athletes that run the race every year. However, there are hundreds of people that participate yearly in the race that have never worn a bib. 

The spectators are a huge part of any race, and at the Buffalo Marathon, the crowd has a significant impact on the runners’ performance. Seeing enthusiastic spectators on the side of the road and hearing the cheers of strangers rallying together for the runners in the race is a morale boost that is difficult to describe. 

Just when you feel like you’re slowing down or you’re about to give up, those people cheering you on at the Buffalo Marathon reignite your drive to get to the finish line.

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One of the biggest ways that spectators show up to support Buffalo runners is creating unique race signs for the event. There were so many signs that stuck out from the 2024 Buffalo Marathon, but these ones stuck out the most – we just had to take a picture! 

Best Race Signs From The 2024 Buffalo Marathon

Over 6,000 athletes raced in the 2024 Buffalo Marathon, but hundreds of spectators and volunteers helped encourage those runners. Take a look at some of the best race signs from the marathon this year.

Gallery Credit: Kadie Daye


One supporter that stuck out this year is someone you may recognize from years prior. I wish I knew his name, but you would recognize him by his Mario costume. He also holds up a massive power up sign that looks exactly like the star “power ups” from the Mario games. 

If you were a volunteer or a supporter for the Buffalo Marathon, we appreciate you so much for your help with the race! And shoutout to all the runners who raced this weekend! :) 

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