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total solar eclipse

After months (and for some of us, years) of anticipation, the hyped 2024 total solar eclipse in Western New York has come and gone. 

Even though cloudy skies threatened to damper the day, for those who stepped outside in their eclipse-viewing glasses, it was an amazing and unforgettable experience. Some areas of Western New York lucked out just in time when the clouds broke just before totality at 3:18pm.

Other parts of the Buffalo area weren’t so lucky, but the eerie darkness and the gasps from their fellow eclipse watchers still managed to bring goosebumps. 

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And the best part? Even though this massive event brought thousands of visitors and tourists to our area, there were no major traffic issues, loss of cell service, zoo animal freakouts, or any of the other major disasters that were predicted. It was smooth sailing, and overall, the day of the 2024 Buffalo Eclipse will be a fantastic one to remember. 

Here's How The Total Solar Eclipse Looked Around Western New York

It’s crazy to realize that thousands of us across our region were all doing the exact same thing at the exact same time. When has that ever happened before? And, sadly, will it ever happen again?

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Keep scrolling to take a tour around the 716 to see what the total solar eclipse experience was like in different parts of Western New York. 

Downtown Buffalo

Buffalo City Hall

Lafayette Square

University at Buffalo North Campus

Sahlen Field

Outer Harbor

Lake Erie

Riverside Park

East Buffalo

Delaware Park

Buffalo Zoo

Elmwood Ave.


Hertel Ave.



Buffalo State College

Niagara Falls

East Aurora


Evangola State Park


North Collins


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